03 August 2014

Settling In

It is nearly six months since we moved, and I'm finally finding our rhythm.  We are settled, have made some friends, and can find our way around town without the GPS (mostly).  Waking up to a mountain view still makes me catch my breath, but no longer out of surprise.  The first couple months we felt like we were on an extended vacation to the mountains, but now it feels like home.  It even feels normal to have the nights be cool enough for jeans and a hoodie, in summer.  I love it here.

I'm now neck-deep in school planning, and I have high hopes for this school year.  The last two have been so hard; a baby born six weeks into one, and a husband who quit his job six weeks into the next.  Octobers have become months of change for us!  I'm praying this one is just, October.  To be honest, I'm nervous at the thought of homeschooling three while caring for a very busy toddler and starting up again just two weeks before our church launches its Sunday services.  But anybody who homeschools knows the truth:  life is never neatly tied into a 180-day package, and there are surprises and upheavals to deal with every school year.  My hope is that a lot of planning now, including meal plans and chore lists, plus alerting all my loved ones that my phone will be off during our school day, will help me keep up with the discipline.  I'm trying a new history plan, but everything else is the same, and that helps.

This summer has been amazing:  my parents arrived in late May, just days before my sister had her baby.  We've had other friends and family come up for visits, and in between all the visiting, we've had launch gatherings at our house for our church, area-wide events to bless our community, and as much time exploring the lakes and rivers around here as possible.  My husband and our kids spotted a moose one day while taking friends out on the boat, and I continue to ask myself, "Where on earth do we live, that we see moose!"  Caiden joined a swim team, and we ride our bikes to breakfast and to the Ironman and to the pool. We chat outside with our neighbors while watering flowers and pet each other's dogs and eat popsicles.  It's as different a life as one can imagine from the one we lived lately in Texas.  There are of course challenges to moving cross-country as a family of six and also of course in planting a church from scratch, but we are very, very happy.   We feel "right" here, and as scary as this place could feel, it doesn't.  Planting a church is not without huge financial risks, but God has been magnificent along this journey, and I have a strong confidence that He will continue to carry us.

I wanted to include photos, but I'm having computer issues--it won't upload photos from my phone, and I haven't really checked into why just yet.  But I'll work on that as I'm able.  I really just wanted to stop in and say hi, and thank you for your kind comments, and for checking in on us.  :)



  1. Hi Sarah! I just want you to know how much I appreciate your writing. You always speak to my heart. I'm so thankful you are back writing and sharing your new adventure. I've been reading for many years since Lisa Whelchel recommended your blog. So thankful she did. Always a favorite!

    I must tell you how excited I was a few years ago when I saw you as a "mutual friend" on my friend, Debra DeMoss' facebook. I was giddy with excitement. :) Following you for so many years I felt like two of my friends were now friends. My daughter has reminded me that we haven't actually met haha but you make me feel like we have. I've always referred to you as Sarah in the midst of it when sharing with others about your blog. (off on a tangent here so sorry)

    Please know that you are being prayed for in Michigan. It's exciting to see how God is working in your family and in CDA through you. May God bless all of you richly as you walk with Him each day. Hugs from Debbie

  2. For those seasons when there are 2100 miles between us, I am SO happy to have you sharing here again. Photos, musings, thankful for it! xoxo


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